Wednesday Night Bible Class

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November 15, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Forgiveness



Forgiveness-The act of granting pardon for or remission of a mistake or offense.


Featured Texts


  1. Colossians 3:12-13


Commentary: Christians must forgive the wrongs committed against each other. God will forgive our sins if we accept his Son into our life. Without God’s forgiveness there can be no eternal life with him.


  1. God forgives


  1. Matthew 6:12-15
  2. Luke 5:18-22
  3. Luke 23:32-34
  4. Romans 4:7-8
  5. Ephesians 1:7
  6. Hebrews 10:16-18


Commentary: God gave his Son as a sacrifice so that we may have a way to be forgiven of our sins. We must be willing to forgive others who wrongfully use us, or we cannot expect forgiveness from the Father.


  • Forgive enemies


  1. Matthew 5:43-45
  2. Mark 11:25
  3. Luke 6:35-38
  4. Romans 5:10


Commentary: Forgiving our enemies is difficult, but God requires that we forgive even those who misuse and abuse us. Christ was misused and abused by his captors, but even they had a chance for redemption through the blood of Christ. We must remember that we were enemies of God until we obeyed that doctrine that could save our souls.


  1. Forgive family


  1. Matthew 5:23-24
  2. Luke 15:19-24


Commentary: One of the hardest betrayals to forgive are those committed by members of the family. Forgiveness comes hard because these are the people we think will have our backs. We must forgive all who trespass against us. Unfortunately, a betrayal by family cuts deep.


  1. Forgive members of the Faith


  1. Matthew 18:21,22
  2. Luke 17:3,4
  3. 2 Corinthians 2:5-9
  4. Galatians 6:1
  5. Ephesians 4:32


Commentary:  How can a Christian say they love God and hate their brother and sister. How can you love what you have not seen but hate what you have seen? If you do not love your brother and sister, then the peace and love of God is not in you. If your brother or sister seeks forgiveness you are to grant it.  Christians must not let the sun go down on their wrath. Also, your brother and sister cannot ask for forgiveness if they do not know they have wrong you.



  1. Prayer for forgiveness


  1. James 5:13-16


Commentary: Remember that the prayers of the righteous prevail much. We must pray for forgiveness of our sins and pray those who sin against us.


Quote for introspection:


The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.


Mohandas K. Gandhi



Communion of Saints


November 8, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Communion of saints


Communion-is the close relationship of Christians, as individuals or as a Church, with God and with other Christians.


Saint– One whose heart has been changed by God, and who seeks diligently to walk according to the indwelling of the Spirit of God.


Communion of saints - is the belief that all Christians are a single body, in which each member contributes to the good of all and shares in the welfare of all.


Featured Texts


  1. John 17:20-21


Commentary: Just as Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit are one, Christians are to be one.


  1. With God


  1. 1 John 1:3


Commentary: Christians are to share in personal knowledge of and obedience to God through Christ Jesus.


  • Each Other


  1. Galatians 2:9
  2. 1 John 1:7


Commentary:  We who walk in the light are to fellowship with each other.





  1. Christ Present


  1. Matthew 18:20


Commentary: Christians are to gather in the name of the Lord. When Christians gather we are in his presence.


  1. In worship


  1. Psalms 34:3
  2. Acts 1:14
  3. Hebrews 10:25


Commentary: Christians are not to forsake the assembly. There is strength in unity.


  1. Lord’s Supper


  1. 1 Corinthians 10:16-17


Commentary: The many are one in Christ.


  • Prayer and exhortation


  1. Ephesians 6:18
  2. Colossians 3:16
  3. James 5:16


Commentary: Christians are to pray, exhort teach and admonish each other.


  • For comfort and sympathy


  1. Romans 12:15
  2. Ephesians 4:29-32
  3. 1 Thessalonians 5:11


Commentary: Christians are to find comfort in each other.




  1. Communion with the wicked


  1. 2 Corinthians 6:14-17
  2. Ephesians 5:11


Commentary: Christians are not to fellowship with workers of iniquity. Christians are children of the light. Christians are to shine in good works and spread the gospel to dispel the darkness of the world.


Quote for introspection


The communion of the saints means, not a series of loosely related cliques, but an all-embracing and self-abnegating fellowship.


H.M. Carson




Lifestyle: Good and Bad


November 1, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Lifestyle



Lifestyle-A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group



  1. Featured Texts


  1. Psalm 1:1-6


Commentary: The Psalmist contrasts the lifestyle of the faithful with the lifestyle of the children of disobedience. The Psalmist explains the actions that delight God and those that invoke his wrath.


  1. Type of


  1. Proverbs 4:18-19
  2. Romans 8:5


Commentary: The lifestyle of the faithful is a shining light that illuminates the world and shows the way to God. The lifestyle of the wicked is full of darkness and the fulfilling of their own desires.


  • Desirable


  1. Walk uprightly and trusting
    1. Psalms 84:11-12
    2. Proverbs 3:3-7
  • Ephesians 4:1-3
  1. Exemplary
    1. Ecclesiastes 8:15
    2. Ephesians 4:25-32
  • Philippians 1:27
  1. Divinely taught
    1. Psalms 143:8
    2. Colossians 1:9-12
  • 2 Peter 3:18
  1. Divinely walk
    1. Hosea 14:9
    2. Ephesians 4:17
  • 1 Timothy 6:11-12
  1. Brightly shining
    1. Matthew 5:16
  2. Loving
    1. Matthew 5:44-48
  3. Sensible, Intelligent
    1. Ephesians 5:15


Commentary: A Christian’s lifestyle must reflect Christ. A Christian is to be that light that shines brightly glorifying the Almighty


  1. Undesirable


  1. Vanity
    1. Psalm 12:1-2
  2. Fool’s
    1. Psalm 14:1-4
    2. Proverbs 26:11
  • Ecclesiastes 10:3
  1. Lovers of Darkness
    1. Job 24:13-16
    2. John 3:19-20
  • Galatians 5:19-21
  1. Enemies of the cross
    1. Philippians 3:18-21
  2. Turning from God
    1. 2 Peter 2:20-22
    2. Jude 7


Commentary: The lifestyle of the wicked shows contempt for the gift that God has offered. The lifestyle of the wicked rejects God. The wicked lifestyle glorifies and mirrors the beckon elements of the world.




  1. Advice for living well


  1. Philippians 4:6-9


Commentary: Christians must be practitioners of the Word. Christians must be Christ-like and put deeds to the words.


Quote of Introspection:


In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.


Tom Bodett



Divine Retribution


October 25, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Divine Retribution



Divine--of, from, or like God


Retribution-punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act:



Featured Texts


Ezekiel 25:17


Commentary:  Many times in the Bible God laid down his vengeance upon the sons and daughters of iniquity.


  1. Why?


  1. Isaiah 26:21
  2. Roman 1:18


Commentary: God punishes those who would suppress his truth.


  1. Nahum 1:2-6
  2. Revelation 6:17


Commentary: God will pour down his wrath on his adversaries. Those who oppose the will of God will face his wrath.



  • Disobedience


  1. Genesis 3:14-24


Commentary: Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s commandment and paid the price.


  1. Numbers 20:9-13


Commentary: Moses, who knew God face to face allowed the people’s murmuring to cause him to disobey God.


  1. Genesis 6:1-8


Commentary: Rampant evil was upon the face of the earth. God called forth a flood and wiped the slate clean except for a portion of his creation.\ that included a man named Noah.


  1. Genesis 19:23-29


Commentary: God bought low the sister cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because the people in the city had no redeeming value.


  1. Arrogance


  1. Genesis 11:1-9


Commentary: The people sought to build a tower to reach the heavens.


  1. Number 16:1-3,19-21,28-35


Commentary: Certain men sought to takes places of leadership that God had not appointed.


  1. Leviticus 10:1-2


Commentary: Aaron’s son offered up an offering not authorized by God.


  1. Acts 5:1-10


Commentary: Ananias and Sapphira in their arrogance sought to deceive the apostles by lying, but they could not deceive the Holy Spirit.


  1. Rejecting God’s gift


  1. Numbers 11:1-11,18-2031-34


Commentary: Christians must take heed to the lesson. Christians have been given the gift of eternal life. If the Christian rejects that gift she or he must face the wrath of God just like the Israelites.


  1. 1 Kings 11:1-4,11-14


Commentary: Solomon was the wisest man in the Bible, but in his dotage, he let his wives turn him to other gods. The wisest man in the Bible rejected God’s gift of wisdom.


  1. Carelessness


  1. 2 Samuel 6:1-7


Commentary: Two acts of carelessness caused Uzzah to lose his life. The first act was the improper carrying of the Ark of the Covenant in a cart. The second act was Uzzah touching the ark while trying to steady it.



  • Rebellion


  1. Numbers 21:4-7
  2. Numbers 25:1-11


Commentary: The Israelites constantly rebelled against God. God’s retribution was swift and left no doubt that one does not trifle with the Almighty.





Quote of Introspection:


It is amazing that we hesitate to talk about the wrath of God, for fear of making sinners feel fearful. The fear they feel this side of the grave will be nothing compared to the fear they feel when they stand before Almighty God.


Ray Comfort





October 18, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Humility



Humility--Having or showing awareness of one's defects; not proud; not self-assertive.


Christian humility-is the willingness to be obedient to the will of the Father, regardless of personal cost. 



Featured Texts


  1. Micah 6:6-8


Commentary:  Religious ritual devoid of spiritual reality and total allegiance to God is worthless.


  1. Why?


  1. Proverbs 11:2
  2. Proverbs 22:4


Commentary: God rewards the humble.


  1. Mark 9:35
  2. Luke 9:46-48


Commentary: Christ points out to the disciples that it is the servant that shall be great in the eyes of God.



  • God’s Attitude


  1. 2 Samuel 22:28


Commentary: God’s eyes are upon the proud and he will humble them.


  1. Luke 18:9-14


Commentary: God looks favorably on the humble.


  1. To Whom


  1. Romans 12:10


Commentary: We are to be humble and the servant of each other.


  1. Titus 3:1-2


Commentary: We are to be humble to all men.

  1. James 4:10


Commentary: God will exalt the humble, but bring low the proud. See Luke 12: 16-21


  1. Rewards


  1. Psalms 25:9


Commentary: God will teach, guide and measure our steps in life if we approach him in humility.


  1. Isaiah 29:19


Commentary: Those who are humble will see their joy in the Lord increase.


  1. Reject


  1. Isaiah 2:12-17


Commentary: Those who reject God out of pride and arrogance will be bought low in the final judgment and all shall exalt the Lord of Hosts



  • Christian Attitude


  1. Psalm 131:1
  2. Jeremiah 9:23-24


Commentary: The Christian must show the proper attitude with humility. God is first and above all in the Christian life. The Christian is his humble servant and the servant of all men.



Quote of Introspection:


A Christian reveals true humility by showing the gentleness of Christ, by being always ready to help others, by speaking kind words and performing unselfish acts, which elevate and ennoble the most sacred message that has come to our world.


Ellen G. White



Spiritual Bondage


October 11, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Spiritual Bondage


Bondage-servitude or subjugation to a controlling person or force


  1. Servitude to righteousness or sin

                  John 8:34-35

                  Romans 6:16-23


Commentary: A person must decide who he or she will be a servant. A person can either serve the Lord or the Prince of this world. A person cannot serve both.


  1. Nature


  1. Romans 7:14-23
  2. Ephesians 2:1-7


Commentary: The Christian is at constant war with his or her sinful nature. The desires of the flesh are at odds with the desire to serve Christ. A Christian must learn to control the sinful nature and subjugate himself or herself to God’s will.


  1. Who is Master of Your Bondage?


  1. Matthew 6:24
  2. Romans 6:16


Commentary: A choice must be made to who a person will pledge his or her allegiance. A person cannot serve two masters. A Christian who has chosen the Lord and goes back into the beckon elements of the world has betrayed God.


  1. Satan’s Snares


  1. Matthew 24:4,9-12
  2. Galatians 2:3-4
  3. 1 Timothy 4:1-2
  4. 1 Timothy 6:9-10
  5. 2 Timothy 2:24-26
  6. Ephesians 6:11-12
  7. 1 Peter 5:8-9


Commentary: The Evil One has many ways or enticing the Christian to return to his servitude. The Evil One will exploit any weaknesses that the Christian has. The Evil One will use any method to keep aa non-believer a servant.


  1. Deliverance to a better bondage


  1. Matthew 11:28-30
  2. John 8:31-32
  3. Romans 8:1-8
  4. 1 Corinthians 7:21-24


Commentary: A person who accepts the form of doctrine that can save his or her soul has entered a better bondage. A bondservant of Christ has everlasting life waiting as a reward for faithful service.


  1. Road to destruction


  1. Matthew 7:13
  2. 2 Thessalonians 1:8-10


Commentary: Bondage to sin can only lead to death and destruction. The second death awaits those who remain servants of sin.


  1. Warning to the faithful


  1. James 4:7-9
  2. 2 Peter 2:17-22


Commentary: Christians must be watchful lest they slip back into that sinful nature. A Christian can come home like the prodigal son. God is ready always to forgive his wayward children.


Quote of Introspection:


Christians are not in bondage to do things as the world does, and moreover, the traditions and rudiments of men are not necessary to honor God.


Monica Johnson








October 4, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Parable


Parable-a short fictitious story that illustrates a moral attitude or a religious principle. A parable demands reflection for understanding, only those who are prepared to explore its meaning can come to know it.


  1. Featured Text


Psalm 78:1-4

Matthew 13:35


Commentary: The Psalmist foretold that Christ would teach in parables. Parables impart truth and knowledge to those who can ascertain their meaning.



  1. Why use?


  1. Matthew 13:10-16


Commentary: The purpose of the parable is both to reveal and to conceal the truth. It was to serve the first purpose in the case of the disciples, the second in the case of the undeserving Jews. A Christian, who has some understanding of the truth, can readily understand figurative illustrations of this truth.



  • Of Clean and unclean


  1. Acts 10:10-16


Commentary: This parable illustrates that salvation is for all of God’s children Peter was to go and preach Christ to the Gentiles.


  1. Of the lamb


  1. 2 Samuel 12:1-7


Commentary: Nathan uses a parable to have David convict himself of the crime he had committed. David pronounces the sentence he would impose on the rich man. Nathan reveals that David is that man.


  1. Workers


  1. Matthew 20:1-16


Commentary: This parable illustrates that all who work in the Lord’s vineyard to bring in the harvest will receive the same reward.



  1. Builders


  1. Matthew 7:24-27


Commentary: The word of God provides a strong foundation for the life of his children. The foolish reject God and build their lives without God and come to ruin.


  • Treasure


  1. Mt 13:44-48


Commentary: Heaven is likened to a precious treasure in a field. A man finds the treasure and sells all to buy the field so he can possess the treasure. Paul state that all he was before he gave it up to possess Christ. (Philippians 3:5-8).


  • Watching Servants


  1. Luke 12:35-40
  2. Mark 13:34-37


Commentary: Christians must be vigilant. We do not know when the Master will return. We must always be ready for Christ’s return.


  1. Sheep


  1. Matthew 18:12-13


Commentary: Christians are the sheep that are led by the Good Shephard. Christians know the voice of the Master and should follow no other voice.


  1. Rich Fool


  1. Luke 12:16-21


Commentary: This parable warns the Christian to have heaven as their treasure. Christians are not to let wealth, power or earthly desire become their god. One day all must give an account of what was done in this life.


  1. Sower
    1. Matthew 13:1-9


Commentary: Christians are tasked with sowing the word of God. The word will fall on different ground. God will provide the increase.


  • Good Samaritan


  1. Luke 10:30-37


Commentary: Jesus specifically uses a person who most Jews would have no dealings. The one who had compassion on the man was the one most Jews would not expect.


Quote of Introspection:


A parable is an earthly story with a spiritual truth.







Core Beliefs


September 27, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Core Beliefs




Core-The basic or most important part; the essence.


Beliefs-Something believed or accepted as true, especially a tenet or a body of tenets accepted by a group of persons.


Featured text


Revelations 21:1-8



  1. The Scriptures


  1. 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  2. Hebrews 4:12


Commentary: Christians believe the Scriptures are inspired by God, are without error in the original writings, centered on the Lord Jesus Christ, and are the whole authority in matters of doctrine and conduct for the believer and the church


  • The Father


  1. Exodus 3:5-6
  2. Matthew 28:19
  3. Acts 7:55-56
  4. 2 Corinthians 13:14


Commentary:  Christians believe in one sovereign God who exists as three coeternal, coequal presences: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit



  1. Jesus Christ, the Son


  1. Matthew 1:18-25
  2. Philippians 2:5-11


Commentary: Christians believe in Jesus Christ who is fully God and fully man, having been conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin.  He lived a sinless life, was crucified and died as a sacrifice for our sins. He was raised bodily from the dead on the third day. He is seated at the right hand of the Father where He serves as our High Priest and Advocate


  1. The Holy Spirit


  1. John 16:7-11
  2. 1 Corinthians 2:9-13


Commentary: Christians believe in the Holy Spirit. He convicts the world of sin. He regenerates believers, sealing them, indwelling them, filling them, strengthening them, gifting them, and instructing them so that the church may be advanced and the Father glorified 


  1. Sinful nature


  1. Titus 3:5
  2. 1 John 1:7-10


Commentary: Christians believe that all men fall short of the glory of God, the only remedy for their lost estate being the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit 


  • Grace


  1. Romans 3:21-26
  2. Titus 2:11


Commentary: Christians believe in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, His death and resurrection providing the only ground for salvation to all who believe.


  • The Church


  1. Acts 2:41-44
  2. Titus 1:5
  3. Hebrews 10:24,25


Commentary: Christians believe in one true church, the body of Christ consisting of all believers everywhere, and the local church, a group of believers under the leadership of elders, committed to meeting together for worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship.


  1. The Second Coming of Christ


  1. Matthew 24:30-31
  2. Acts 1:11
  3. 1 Thessalonians 4:16


Commentary: Christians believe in the return of Jesus Christ and the reward of eternal life that will be given to the faithful.


  1. Eternal State


  1. 1 Corinthians 15:51-57
  2. Revelation 22:12-16


Commentary: Christians believe in the resurrection and judgment of the dead.  Christians, who are faithful unto death, will receive everlasting joy and life with Christ.


Quote of Introspection


If you need help, look to clergy who do not spout their own beliefs but direct you in sincerity by using the Bible.


Monica Johnson




Measurements of the Bible


September 20, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Measurements of the Bible


Measurement-Dimensions, quantity, or capacity as ascertained by comparison with a standard.


Standard-a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated;


Featured Texts


  1. Leviticus 19:35-37


Commentary: God requires just measures. Therefore, standards of measurement were established. Everyone used the same measurements to avoid disagreements.


  1. Purpose


  1. Deuteronomy 25:13-16


Commentary: God declared that the measurements used to measure be just. A person is not to give even the appearance of impropriety by owning unjust measures.


  • Length


  1. Handbreadth (3-4 inches; 7.62-10.16 centimeters)


  1. Exodus 37:12


  1. Span (9 inches .22 meters)


  1. Exodus 28:16


  1. Cubit (18 inches; .44 meters)


  1. Genesis 6:14-16
  2. 1 Samuel 17:4


  1. Fathom (6 feet; 1.82 meters)


  1. Acts 27:27-28


  1. Measuring Reed (10.5 feet; 3.2 meters


  1. Ezekiel 40:3-5


Commentary: Standard measures of length were to be used in construction, measuring of depths and shipbuilding. The design of the ark was dictated with precise measurements.


  1. Distance


  1. Furlong, Stadium (606 feet; 184.7 meters)


  1. John 6:19


  1. Sabbath Day’s Journey (5 furlongs; 3030 feet; 923.54 meters)


  1. Exodus 16:29
  2. Joshua 3:4-5
  • Acts 1:12


  1. A day’s journey (20-25 miles; 32.19-40.23 kilometers)


  1. Luke 2:44


Commentary: The Israelites were limited to the amount of distance that could be traveled on the Sabbath day. A day’s journey was the typical walking distance a person could travel while it was day.


  1. Capacity (Dry measures)


  1. Handful


  1. Leviticus 2:1-2


  1. Omer (5 pints; 2.75 liters)


  1. Exodus 16:15-16


  1. Ephah (1/2 bushel; 4 gallons; 15.14 liters)


  1. Exodus 16:36


  1. Bushel (8 gallons; 30.28



Matthew 5:15


  1. Homer (10 bushels; 80 gallons; 242.24 liters)


  1. Hosea 3:2


Commentary: The measure used in Hosea 3:2 is interesting because Hosea was redeeming his wife. He used 15 shekels of money which was half the price of a slave along with 1 ½ homer of barley which can be assumed to equal 15 shekels.


  1. Capacity (Liquid measures)


  1. Log (1/3 quart; .32 liters)


  1. Leviticus 14:10


  1. Hin (12 logs; 1 gallon; 3.79 liters)


  1. Exodus 29:40


  1. Bath (6 hins; 6 gallons; 22.74 liters)


  1. 1 Kings 7:26


  1. Firkin (9 gallons; 34.11 liters)


  1. John 2:6


  1. Cor (10 baths; 60 gallons; 227.4 liters)


  1. Ezekiel 45:14


Commentary: Liquid measure was important in measuring out what would be used in different offerings to God.


  • Area
    1. Acre, yoke (area oxen could plow in one day)


  1. 1 Samuel 14:14 (cf Isaiah 5:10


Commentary: Jonathan and his men killed twenty of the enemy in an area which was the amount of ground a team of oxen could plow in a day.


Quotes for Introspection:


Measure a thousand times and cut once


Turkish Proverb


Measure the corn of others with your own bushel


Yiddish Proverb



Provision (God Provides)


September 13, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Provision


Provision–a providing, preparing, or supplying of something


Featured Texts


  1. Philippians 4:19
  2. Psalms 37:25


Commentary: God provides all the Christian’s needs. God does not necessarily provide all our wants. God gives far more than we can ever give back.


  1. Strength and mercy


  1. Psalm 18:32
  2. Psalm 62:11-12
  3. Philippians 4:13
  4. Colossians 1:11
  5. Colossians 1:29


Commentary: God grants the Christian the strength to climb the mountain of trials and tribulations. God’s mercy allows all aa space and time to repent and come to him.


  • Gifts
    1. Romans 12:6
    2. 1 Corinthians 7:7
    3. James 1:17
    4. 1 John 5:11-12


Commentary: Every Christian has been given a gift that can be used in the service of God.


  1. Guidance


  1. Proverbs 20:24
  2. Isaiah 58:11
  3. Luke 21:15
  4. James 1:5-6
  5. 1 Peter 3:12


Commentary: The word of God lights the way to good Christian living. God’s word lights the path that we must travel.


  1. Protection


  1. Psalm 33:20
  2. Psalm 46:1-3
  3. Daniel 3:24-27
  4. Daniel 6:20-23


Commentary: God protects his children from hurt, harm and danger. God is a refuge from the beckon elements of this world.


  1. Food and raiment


  1. Psalms 37:18-19
  2. Proverbs 10:3
  3. Matthew 6:25-34


Commentary: God will provide what is needed for the necessities of life. Christian’s worry too much about events that can be beyond his or her control. Christians must assurance that God will take care of them.


  • Income
    1. Matthew 10:9-10
    2. Matthew 17:24-27
    3. 1 Thessalonians 2:9


Commentary: God provides us with the means to take care of life’s necessities and some of our wants. God allows us to rise in the morning and go off to the jobs he has provided.


  • Salvation


  1. Isaiah 33:2
  2. Hebrews 7:25
  3. Titus 3:4-8
  4. 1 John 4:9-10


Commentary: God gave his Son as a sacrifice for our sins. Christ died so that we can once again get close to God.


  1. Advice to the Saints


  1. Job 1:21
  2. 1 Timothy 6:6-8



Commentary: We come into the world with nothing. We will leave this world with nothing. God provides what we need to live on this earth. All we have while here belongs to God. God allows us to use it for our short stay here.


Quote of Introspection:


“God is a good paymaster; He pays His servants while at work as well as when they have done it;”


Charles Spurgeon







The Poor


September 6, 2017 Bible Study



The Poor


  1. Definition:
    1. Person lacks the means of providing material needs or comforts.


Featured text


James 2:14-17


Commentary: Part of showing our faith through our works is by helping the poor especially those of the household of faith.


  1. Always


  1. Matthew 26:6-11 (cf. Mark 14:3-7)


Commentary: There will always be poor or those who become poor. Those Christians are to help those in need. Christians should provide for the poor in terms of spiritual and physical needs.


  • Condition of being Poor


  1. Proverbs 14:20
  2. Proverbs 19:4


Commentary: The poor are without riches, influence and/or power therefore are looked down upon. People assume the poor have nothing to offer. This assumption is made in error.




  1. Oppression condemned


  1. Proverbs 14:31
  2. Proverbs 17:5
  3. Proverbs 22:16
  4. James 2:1-4


Commentary: Those with means are not to take advantage of the poor. Those in Christ are to treat all with impartiality.


  1. God’s care of the poor


  1. 1 Samuel 2:7-8
  2. Psalms 34:6
  3. Psalms 146:5-7
  4. Isaiah 11:4
  5. Isaiah 25:4


Commentary: God is a refuge for the poor.


  1. Kindness to the Poor


  1. Deuteronomy 15:11
  2. Luke 6:35-36
  3. Acts 20:35
  4. 1 John 3:17,18


Commentary: Christians are commanded to show kindness to the poor. Christian wealth is not measured in gold and silver, but in how well he or she lives his or her life.


  • Church’s responsibility


  1. Matthew 11:5
  2. 2 Corinthians 8:3
  3. Galatians 2:10


Commentary: The church’s responsibility is to bring the word of God to the poor and if necessary to help them with their physical needs.


  • Justice commanded


  1. Leviticus 19:15
  2. Proverbs 24:23
  3. James 2:5-9


Commentary: The poor are not to be oppressed. Justice is for all. The laws of the land must be applied equally without regard to wealth or status.


Quote of Introspection:


Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is.


Benjamin Franklin




The Deadly D’s: Despair, Disappointment, Discontentment & Discouragement


August 30, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Despair, Disappointment, Discontentment, & Discouragement


Despair-a state in which everything seems wrong and will turn out badly


Disappointment- the act of failing to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation.


Discontentment-A restless longing for better circumstances.


Discouragement-the feeling of despair in the face of obstacles



  1. Featured Texts


Numbers 14:1-12


Commentary: The children of Israel illustrate the deadly D’s in these verses. They were disappointed by the report brought back by ten of the twelve spies. They showed discontentment with the leadership of Moses. They were discouraged by the enemies of the land. They despaired so much that they were willing to go back to Egypt and bondage. 


  1. Causes


  1. Sin
    1. Proverbs 1:22-31


Commentary: The root cause of the deadly D’s is lack of faith. Lack of faith causes the Christian to turn from God and sin. This is what happened with the Israelites when they were about to enter the land of milk and honey.


  1. Sorrow
    1. Genesis 3:16-19
    2. Matthew 26:37-39


Commentary: Sin caused Adam and Eve great sorrow because of the punishment God rendered. They went from paradise to tilling the ground and raising livestock to survive. Christ raid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins but he also was touched by sorrow, but did not give in to the D’s.


  1. Affliction & Suffering
    1. Job 14:1


Commentary: Affliction can cause one to experience the deadly D’s. Job was afflicted on every side by he did not turn from God.


  1. Resignation
    1. Proverbs 18:14


Commentary: If the Christian resigns herself or himself to the troubles that beset him or her then he or she has lost the fight. The Christian must not lean on his or her own strength, but seek strength and wisdom from God.


  • Reasons


  1. Job 23:10
  2. Psalms 66:10
  3. Isaiah 48:10
  4. 2 Corinthians 4:17
  5. 1 Peter 1:7


Commentary: The deadly D’s try our faith. Christians are refined in their faith like gold or silver.


  1. Purpose


  1. Learning
    1. Psalms 119:71
    2. Matthew 11:28-30


Commentary: Christians must continue learning of Christ to combat the effects of the D’s.


  1. Test strength
    1. Proverbs 24:10
    2. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9


Commentary: The D’s tests our strength in Christ.


  1. Patience
    1. Romans 5:3


Commentary: Patience comes from trials that are suffered at the hands of the D’s.


  1. Make perfect
    1. 2 Corinthians 12:8-10


Commentary: The D’s help to make the Christian perfect by overcoming their effects with God’s help.


Quote of Introspection:


Look for yourself, and you will find in the long run only hatred, loneliness, despair, rage, ruin, and decay. But look for Christ, and you will find Him, and with Him everything else thrown in.


C.S. Lewis






August 23, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Virtue
    1. Virtue is behavior showing high moral standards:


  1. Nature


  1. 2 Peter 1:4-8
  2. Philippians 4:8-9


Commentary: Virtues are the attributes that must define the Christian life. Christians are to conduct themselves as befitting the brothers and sisters of Christ in God’s family.


  1. Christian Virtues


  1. Love – Reverence, affection


  1. 1 John 4:7
  2. 1 John 4:21


Commentary: Love also called charity is the reverence and affection that Christians should have for their brothers and sisters in the faith and others.


  1. Faith – belief in God


  1. Hebrews 11:1,6
  2. 2 Corinthians 5:7


Commentary: Faith is the essential requirement in Christian living. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.


  1. Hope – pleasing expectancy


  1. Ephesians 2:12-13
  2. Titus 1:2


Commentary: The Christian’s hope is eternal life with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


  1. Humility is being thoughtful of others, gentle, not proud.


  1. 1 Corinthians 4:21
  2. Philippians 2:8
  3. Philippians 4:5


Commentary: A Christian is to approach all events with humility. God will bring the proud low, but rise the humble.


  1. Kindness is good will toward one another.


  1. Ephesians 4:32
  2. Luke 6:35


Commentary: Christians are to be kind to all especially those of the household of faith.


  1. Chastity means moral purity


  1. 2 Corinthians 11:2


Commentary: Christians are to be examples of Christ-like behavior.


  1. Abstinence means to stay away from actions that can cause one to sin


  1. 1 Thessalonians 5:22
  2. 1 Peter 2:11


Commentary: Since Christians are to practice chastity they must abstain from any appearance of sin.


  1. Patience is the ability to stay pleasant and helpful even when everything seems to go wrong.


  1. James 1:3,4
  2. James 5:7-10
  3. 2 Peter 1:6


Commentary: Christian must run this godly race with patience. Christians must learn to wait on the Lord.


  1. Generosity is giving
  1. Romans 12:8
  2. 1 Timothy 6:18
  3. Luke 12:16-21


Commentary: Christians are to have a generous spirit toward God and each other. Christians must be willing to extend a helping hand when needed. God loves a cheerful giver in both money and time.


  1. Diligence is careful attention


  1. Proverbs 4:23
  2. 2 Corinthians 8:7
  3. Hebrews 6:11
  4. James 1:19


Commentary: Christians are to pay careful diligence to how they conduct themselves before the world. They are to give due diligence to studying God’s word and his will.


  1. Zeal is fervor or earnestness


  1. Matthew 5:15,16
  2. Romans 12:11
  3. Titus 2:14
  4. Hebrews 2:1


Commentary: Christians are to have a zeal for spreading the word of God and obedience to the faith.


  1. Temperance is moderation


  1. 1 Corinthians 9:24-25
  2. Galatians 5:22-23
  3. Philippians 4:5


Commentary: A Christian must learn to be temperate doing all actions in moderation.


  1. Knowledge – wisdom


  1. Proverbs 4:7
  2. 1 Timothy 2:4
  3. 2 Timothy 2:15
  4. 2 Peter 3:18


Commentary: Christians must study and increase their understanding of God’s word.


  1. Godliness- pious actions


  1. 1 Timothy 4:8
  2. 1 Timothy 6:6


Commentary: The actions that a Christian perform must be worthy of Christ.


Quote of Introspection:


When you are laboring for others let it be with the same zeal as if it were for yourself.








August 16, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Preaching


Preaching- deliver a sermon or religious address to an assembled group of people, typically in church


  1. Featured Texts


  1. Ephesians 4:11-12


Commentary:  Every Christian has a role to play in the spreading of God’s will. The preacher, minister and evangelist are all servants of the Most High who go about spreading the word.


  1. Preacher


  1. Romans 10:14-15


Commentary: Preacher is one who proclaims the message of God


  • Evangelist


  1. Acts 21:8
  2. Acts 6:5
  3. Acts 8:5, 26


Commentary: Evangelist is one who spreads the good news of the seed of the Gospel usually traveling from location to location.


  1. Minister


  1. 1 Corinthians 9:14
  2. 1 Timothy 1:12
  3. 2 Timothy 1:11


Commentary: Minister is a person whose life is dedicated to the service for God and earns his living in this service staying with a local congregation.





  1. Qualifications


  1. 2 Timothy 2:24
  2. Acts 18:24-28


  1. Not quarrelsome
  2. Kind to all
  • knowledgeable
  1. Patient
  2. Boldly speaking


Commentary: Peaching must be done with boldness, confidence and humility. Preaching is not an occupation for the timid.


  1. 2 Timothy 2:25


  1. Meek
  2. Correcting with gentleness


Commentary: It may seem contradictory that a preacher must be bold and meek. The preacher must be bold in speaking the Word, but meek in his manner.


  1. Responsibilities


  1. Preach and Teach the Word


  1. Colossians 4:17
  2. 2 Timothy 4:1-5
  • Titus 2:1
  1. Titus 2:15
  2. Titus 3:8


Commentary: The preacher, minister and evangelist must be ready always to preach the word and to teach others about Christ.


  1. Personal responsibility and an example


  1. 1 Timothy 4:12-16
  2. 2 Timothy 2:3
  • 2 Timothy 2:15
  1. 2 Timothy 3:14-17


Commentary: The preacher must be an example to those who he encounters. The preacher must be constantly improving himself in the word of God. Study and prayer are necessities to all Christians but especially for those who are gifted to proclaim the Word.



  1. Equip others for the ministry


  1. 2 Timothy 2:2


Commentary: The preacher must equip others to proclaim the word of God. He must pass on his zeal for preaching what Christ has ordained to further generations. The word of God must continue to go forth in a sin sick world.



Quote of Introspection:


Preaching is effective as long as the preacher expects something to happen-not because of the sermon, not even because of the preacher, but because of God.


John Hines



Physical Death


August 9, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Physical Death



Death-the end of all life functions in an organism


Physical-involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit


Featured Texts


  1. James 4:14


Commentary: We are granted a set amount of time here on the earth by the Almighty. Some may only have a few seconds of life. Others may live to a ripe old age. All of us will see death until Christ returns.


  1. Purpose
    1. Psalms 39:4
    2. Psalms 90:12
    3. Daniel 12:13


Commentary: Death and sickness remind Christians how frail they are. Christians are to use the time granted to them wisely. Christians are to fear God and keep his commandments. Christians will be like Daniel we will rest until Christ comes for us.


  • Inevitable


  1. Genesis 3:19
  2. Psalms 89:47-48
  3. Psalms 90:9-10
  4. Ecclesiastes 7:1-2
  5. Ecclesiastes 7:17


Commentary: Death is the inevitable conclusion of life here on this earth. No amount of man’s science will change what God intends.


  1. End of life’s work


  1. Ecclesiastes 9:10
  2. John 9:4


Commentary: Death is the end of a life of working. Christians are to work for the Lord until they draw their last breath. Like Christ we must be busy about the Father’s work.


  1. Preparation


  1. Genesis 27:2
  2. Ecclesiastes 8:8
  3. 2 Kings 20:1
  4. Matthew 26:1-2
  5. John 19:25-27


Commentary: Christians must prepare for life’s end. There is no labor after death so we must spread the word of God while it is still day. When the night comes no man works. Christians must set their houses in order both spiritually and physically.


  1. Brings Gain


  1. Philippians 1:21-24
  2. James 5:11


Commentary: If the Christian is faithful unto death it will bring the reward of eternal life.


  • No fear
    1. Psalms 23:4
    2. Psalm 37:37
    3. Matthew 10:28


Commentary: The Christian need not to fear death. If the Christian is true to God, God will be with him or her in his or her final hour. The ones who need to fear death are those who abandon God or never believed on God. Those people will not have an Advocate before the Father to plead their case. Christians have an Advocate in Christ.


  • Not forever


  1. Isaiah 25:8
  2. 1 Corinthians 15:53-54
  3. Revelations 21:4


Commentary: Those who are faithful unto death will hear Christ say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant”. Christians will go where there is no more sorrow of pain. Christians will be God’s people and God will be our God.



Quotes for Introspection:


I thank my God for graciously granting me the opportunity of learning that death is the key which unlocks the door to our true happiness.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.









August 2, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Sin


  1. Any act or thought that is contrary to God and his will


  1. Any transgression that separates us from God.



  1. Featured Text


  1. Romans 5:12


Commentary: Sin entered the world through the disobedience of Adam.


  1. Nature


  1. Mark 7:6-9 (See also Isaiah 29:13)


Commentary: Men hold to tradition rather than God’s commandments.


  1. Mark 7:21-23


Commentary: Christ points out that it not what one eats that defiles them, but what proceeds from within.


  1. Pollution by


  1. 1 Corinthians 5:6


Commentary: If sin is allowed to go unchecked in the church it can ruin many.




  1. Penalty


  1. Romans 6:23


Commentary: Wages denotes that which is earned. The gift of God states that eternal life cannot be earned but given by God.


  1. Omission and Commission


  1. Romans 3:23


Commentary: Sin may be an act of commission (doing something that is prohibited) or one of omission (failing to do that which is required of us). Man can exceed his own standards, but never, left to himself, can he attain to God’s standard of righteousness.


  1. Forgiveness


  1. John 1:29


Commentary: John exclaims that Christ is the sacrifice for man’s sins.


  1. Ephesians 1:7


Commentary: Paul states that it is because of the sacrifice that we have redemption and the power of the blood forgives us of our sins.






  1. Sin Trippers




Proverbs 8:13

Proverbs 16:18, 19

1 John 2:15-17


Commentary: Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, which interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.




Proverbs 3:31

Proverbs 23:17

Galatians 5:26


Commentary:  Envy is jealousy that is usually based on rivalry and unkind feelings.




Proverbs 23:20-21


Commentary: Gluttony is a desire to consume more than that which one requires.




James 1:14, 15


Commentary: Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.




Psalm 37:8

Proverbs 16:32

Ephesians 4:26, 31


Commentary: Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.




Proverbs 1:15-19

Proverbs 15:27

Luke 12:15-21

Ephesians 5:5        


Commentary: Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.




Proverbs 21:25-26

Romans 12:11

Hebrews 6:12


Commentary: Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.


  1. Further Sinning? No!


Galatians 5:19-26

Ephesians 5:1-5


Commentary: Paul leaves no doubt about sin as he names as many as he can.



Quote for Introspection:


God's wounds cure, sin's kisses kill.


William Gurnall


The Tongue and Speech


July 26, 2017 Bible Study




  1. Tongue and Speech


Tongue-a muscular organ on the floor of the mouth; it aids in chewing, swallowing, and speech, and is the location of organs of taste.


Speech-The faculty or act of expressing or describing thoughts, feelings, or perceptions by the articulation of words.


Featured Texts


Proverbs 17:28

James 3:3-12

Matthew 15:10-11


Commentary: Christians must be careful in not only what they do, but what they say. What a Christians does and says is what will bring souls to or drive souls away from Christ.


  1. Power


  1. Malachi 2:7
  2. Romans 10:10
  3. Romans 10:14


Commentary: Words have power. Sinners use speech to confess that Christ is their Savior. The minister’s message shows the power of God’s word to sinners.


  • Importance


  1. Titus 1:9
  2. Titus 2:1
  3. Titus 2:8


Commentary: The speech that should come from a Christian’s mouth should convey sound doctrine. What and how a Christian says something can have a profound effect on others. If the Christian patterns his/her speech using God’s word as the foundation the Christian need not be ashamed of what he/she says.



  1. Good


  1. Job 27:3-4
  2. Psalm 17:3
  3. Psalm 19:14
  4. Psalm 37:30-31
  5. 1 Corinthians 1:10


Commentary: The speech of the righteous must not be filled with lies or deceit. What a Christian speaks must be acceptable to in the sight of God. Christians must come together and speak the same sound doctrine to each other and a sinful world.


  1. Evil
    1. Psalm 5:8-9
    2. Psalm 12:2-3
    3. Ephesians 5:6


Commentary: Evil seeks to deceive through flattering and vain words. They use the power of the lie wrapped in a grain of truth to further their evil intentions.


  1. How to speak


  1. Psalm 34:12-13
  2. Psalm 39:1
  3. Proverbs 16:23
  4. 2 Corinthians 3:12
  5. Colossians 3:17
  6. Colossians 4:6
  7. James 1:19, 26


Commentary: A Christian must keep his/her tongue from evil and /or prideful boastings. Christians must think before they speak. A Christian’s thoughts belong to hi/her and God. Once those thoughts are given expression they belong to everyone.

God’s word must be spoken plainly for all to understand. What the Christian says or does must be for the glory of the Father.


  • God’s Speech


  1. Psalm 12:6
  2. Hebrews 1:1-3
  3. Hebrews 4:12


Commentary: The Bible is our guide to the power of the Word. God in earlier times winked at our ignorance, but Christ and the apostles have delivered the divine revelation for our learning to provoke us to obedience.


  • God provides


  1. Exodus 4:10-12
  2. Luke 12:11-12


Commentary: God at various times has instructed his servants on what to say. God through his Son and the written word (Bible) tells all Christians what to say to one another and the non-believing world.


Quotes for Introspection:


“Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.”


Dr. Laurence J. Peter








July 19, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Affliction


  1. Suffering –Physical, mental or emotional pain


Featured Text:


  1. Job 14:1


Commentary: God did not promise that a Christian’s life would be free from trials and tribulations. The book of Job details the afflictions that Job suffered. Christians will suffer for the Lord’s sake.



  1. Expected


  1. Matthew 24:9-10
  2. John 16:33
  3. Acts 14:22
  4. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
  5. 1 Thessalonians 3:3
  6. 2 Timothy 4:12
  7. 1 Peter 2:21-23


Commentary: Christ suffered for our sins. If the Master was not spared, how can the servant expect to be spared. Christians will be persecuted for their faith as the Master was persecuted.



  1. Benefits


  1. Romans 5:3
  2. Romans 8:37
  3. 2 Corinthians 4:17
  4. Hebrews 12:11
  5. 1 Peter 2:19,20
  6. 1 Peter 4:16
  7. Revelations 2:10


Commentary: Christians may find it strange that the Bible states that affliction has benefits. Affliction can strength or break our faith. If Christians allow affliction to strength their faith there lies a crown of life that does not fade away.



  1. Endurance under


  1. Matthew 10:22
  2. Luke 21:19
  3. Romans 12:12
  4. 2 Thessalonians 1:4
  5. Hebrews 12:1
  6. James 5:11


Commentary: Christians must endure to the end. The prize will not be won by going half or three quarters of the way. Christians must finish the race.


  1. Consolation under


  1. Matthew 5:4
  2. Matthew 11:28
  3. John 16:33
  4. Romans 8:38
  5. 2 Thessalonians 1:7
  6. Hebrews 4:15
  7. 1 Peter 5:7


Commentary: God is always with his children to give the strength to overcome the trials of this life. God is there to provide refuge for our souls. God does not leave his children, but sin can separate us from God.


  1. Deliverance from


  1. Psalms 34:19
  2. 2 Timothy 3:11
  3. 2 Timothy 4:17


Commentary: The Lord is there to help us comfort us during the trials. Christians must turn to him asking in a sincere manner for help by prayer.


  1. How to view Affliction


  1. James 1:2-3
  2. 1 Peter 1:7


Commentary: Christians must count it as joy for the suffering we endure for Christ’s sake. Christ overcame death and the world through the affliction of the cross.


Quote of Introspection:


We can stand affliction better than we can prosperity, for in prosperity we forget God.


David L. Moody






Times of Life


July 12, 2017 Bible Study


  1. Time


Time-an instance or single occasion for some event


Life -the course of human events and activities


Featured Texts


  1. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8


Commentary: The preacher wrote that there is a time for the events that happen in our lives. The most important action is how well we live our lives here on earth for God.


  1. Purpose


  1. 1 Chronicles 29:13-15
  2. Ecclesiastes 12: 13-14


Commentary: We are sojourners here on earth. God has allowed us a space in time for his creation to inhabit the world he created. The time we spend on this planet must be dedicated to one ultimate pursuit that it to worship God and keep his commandments.


  • Opposites


  1. Birth and death


  1. Job 14:1-2
  2. Romans 6:4


Commentary: The preacher speaks of a person’s physical birth and death. Christians have a spiritual death and birth. Christians die to sin, but come back to life in Christ by obeying that doctrine that can save souls.


  1. Sow and reap


  1. Romans 2:6
  2. Galatians 6:7


Commentary: The works we perform in this life will be used to judge us. No one will escape divine judgement.


  1. Kill and heal


  1. Deuteronomy 32:39
  2. Luke 12:4-5


Commentary: Man has the power to kill and heal the physical body, but Christian need not fear man. Christians are to fear God who can kill body and soul.


  1. Break and build


  1. Matthew 7:24-27
  2. Matthew 16:13-18
  • John 2:19
  1. Acts 20:32


Commentary: Christ notes that the Jewish leaders would tear down the temple which was the body of Christ on the cross. God would build Christ up and give him all power in heaven and earth. Christ told the apostles that he would build the church on the truth spoken by Peter. Sometimes Christians need to be broken down by adversity so that God can build them up into fruitful servants.


  1. Weep and laugh


  1. Psalm 30:5
  2. Luke 6:21
  • Romans 12:13-15
  1. 2 Corinthians 7:10


Commentary: Christians will have times of joy and sorrow. We will laugh and weep. Christians are to share each other’s joys and sorrows. This way we can encourage and support each other.


  1. Mourn and dance


  1. Psalm 30:11
  2. Matthew 5:4


Commentary: God can turn our mourning into dancing, because he is our helper and comforter through times of sorrow.


  1. Cast and gather


  1. Psalm 55:22
  2. Matthew 9:37-38
  • Matthew 12:30


Commentary: Christians are to cast their burdens onto Christ. Christians are to cast the Word out to the masses. Christians are to work in the harvest gathering souls to Christ.


  1. Embrace and not embrace


  1. Hebrews 11:13
  2. Ephesians 4:26-27


Commentary: Christians must embrace the faith that can save their souls, but not embrace the wrath and evil that gives place to the devil.


  1. Get and lose


  1. Proverbs 4:7
  2. Philippians 3:7


Commentary: Christians must get wisdom and understanding. Christians who get wisdom will understand that losing all for Christ is gain.


  1. Keep and cast away


  1. John 8:51
  2. 1 Peter 5:7


Commentary: If Christians keep the sayings of Christ they will not see the second death. Christians must cast their cares upon Christ and leave then there.


  1. Rend and mend


  1. Joel 2:13
  2. Mark 1:19


Commentary: There are times when we must mend physical items like nets. The most important mending is our relationship with God that will require us to rend our hearts.



  1. Silence and speak


  1. 1 Peter 2:15
  2. 1 Corinthians 1:10


Commentary: There are times when we must speak boldly in the name of God. Christians are to speak the same thing with one mind. Other times it best to remain silent and let our lives speak for us.


  1. Love and hate


  1. 1 John 2:9-10


Commentary: Christians cannot say they love Christ and hate their brother or sister. If one hates a brother or sister in Christ the love of Christ is not in them.


  1. War and Peace


  1. 2 Timothy 2:4
  2. Colossians 3:15


Commentary: Christians are at war with the beckon elements of this world controlled by the Evil One. One day, Christians will lay down their sword and shield and have eternal peace.


Quote for Introspection:


By labor we can find food and water, but all our labor will not find for us another hour.


Kenneth Patton



Gifts from God


July 5, 2017 Bible Study





  1. A present; something that is given to somebody
  2. Special talent


Featured texts:


Matthew 5:45

James 1:17

1 Corinthians 7:7


Commentary: God is the giver of gifts. He rains his gifts upon the just and unjust, but reserves the gift of eternal life to those who diligently seek him.


  1. Spiritual Presents


  1. Christ
    1. John 3:16
    2. John 4:10
  • John 6:32-35


Commentary: God gave the ultimate gift of his son as a sacrifice for our sins that we may have a chance at the tree of life.


  1. Holy Spirit
    1. John 15:26
    2. 2 Corinthians 1:22
  • 1 John 3:24


Commentary: God sent the Holy Spirit as a gift to guide us in the remembrance of the message that Christ taught.


  1. Grace
    1. Ephesians 4:7,8
    2. James 4:6


Commentary: Christians are saved by God’s grace. No man or women can save himself or herself. God has provided only one way to him that is through his son. No one can boast that he or she worked his or her way into heaven.


  1. Wisdom
    1. James 1:5


Commentary: Wisdom is a gift from God. Christians should be like Solomon asking God for it.


  1. Repentance
    1. Acts 11:11-18


Commentary: The Holy Spirit fell upon the house of Cornelius as Peter began to preach. This was a gift given to Cornelius and his household for their faith. God had granted repentance unto life to the Gentiles.


  1. Faith
    1. Ephesians 2:8
    2. Philippians 1:29


Commentary: Faith is a gift Christians give to God. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.


  1. Life
    1. Romans 6:23


Commentary: Enteral Life is the gift that God gives to us through Christ.




  1. Spiritual Talents


  1. 1 Corinthians 12:4-11
  2. Romans 12:6-8


Commentary: God has gifted each Christian with talents to be used to further the will of God. Christians are to use these gifts to glean the harvest of souls.


  1. Temporal Presents


  1. Food and raiment
    1. Psalms 37:25
    2. Psalms 136:25
  • Psalms 145:15, 16
  1. Proverbs 10:3
  2. Matthew 6:25-33


Commentary: God provides the physical needs of his children. He does not allow his children to go hungry or naked.


  1. Wealth
    1. Deuteronomy 8:18
    2. 1 Timothy 6:17


Commentary: All wealth is from God. Christians are to use that wealth in the furtherance of God’s plan of salvation.


  1. Message to the Faithful


  1. Matthew 11:28-30
  2. 1 Peter 4:9-11
  3. Ecclesiastes 3:13


Commentary: God has given gifts to all of us to use in his service and to benefit each other. We must be wise stewards of those gifts.




Quote for Introspection:


God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.




Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.


Bill Keane







June 28, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Evangelism


Evangelism-Zealous preaching and distribution of the gospel


Evangelist-1. Any one of the authors of the four New Testament gospel books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.

  1. One who practices evangelism


  1. Featured Texts


  1. Romans 10:14-15


Commentary: All Christians are to evangelize. All Christians are to spread God’s word.



  1. Why?


  1. Matthew 9:37
  2. John 10:16
  3. Acts 26:18
  4. 2 Peter 3:9


Commentary: Christians are to work the harvest bringing in the lost sheep as Christ commanded. Our duty is to turn the lost to the light.


  • Power and Duty


  1. Matthew 4:19
  2. Acts 1:8


Commentary: Christians have a duty to spread God’ word. We will not receive the power that the apostles dis, but that does not stop us from being witnesses for Christ.


  1. Plan


  1. Mark 4:14
  2. Mark 13:10
  3. Mark 16:15
  4. Romans 16:25-27


Commentary: The gospel is to be carried to everyone from the Jew to the Gentile. The gospel must be taught and preached to the four corners of the earth.



  1. Purpose


  1. Luke 24:47
  2. John 12:32
  3. John 15:16
  4. Acts 9:15


Commentary: Like Paul Christians are to go and proclaim the gospel. We are the chosen vessels that God has set aside to spread the word and increase our numbers.


  1. Promise


  1. Matthew 28:19-20


Commentary: Christ will be with those who work to bring in the harvest. Christians are to make disciples of all nations. We are teachers in both word and deed.


  • Conduct


  1. Matthew 10:16


Commentary: Christians are to conduct themselves in an upright manner when spreading the word. We are to be smart as serpents but harmless as doves in our dealings with others.


  • Results


  1. John 4:35-36
  2. Acts 11:19-21
  3. Acts 12:24
  4. 1 Corinthians 3:6-9


Commentary: The results of our labor is a chance at eternal life for us and those we bring to Christ.


Quote of Introspection:


“We should be more concerned with reaching the lost than pampering the saved.”


David McGee






Signs of Commitment


June 21, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Signs of Commitment


Sign-Something that suggests the presence or existence of a fact, condition, or quality.


Commitment-the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action


  1. Featured Texts


Psalms 37:4-6


Commentary: Christians must commit themselves to God. Christians cannot straddle the fence. If the Christian is not with God he or she is against God. There is no middle ground.


  1. Obedient


  1. Romans 6:17


Commentary: The first sign of commitment is believing in the word of God that was brought to us by Christ and his apostles. That belief will lead one to becoming a new creature in Christ.


  • Developing an extraordinary spirit


  1. Psalm 119:1
  2. 1 Peter 4:19


Commentary: Another sign of commitment is to continue growing in the faith through study and carrying forth God’s word.




  1. Of good report


  1. Proverbs 22:1
  2. Acts 6:1-3
  3. Acts 10:21-23
  4. Philippians 4:8-9
  5. Hebrews 11:1-2


Commentary: Christians are to be of good report. Christians are to be just in their dealings with all thereby obtaining a good name like Cornelius.


  1. Are Faithful


  1. Revelation 2:10
  2. Revelation 14:12


Commentary: Christians committed unto death will receive a mansion, robe and crown.


  1. Live according to God’s word


  1. Acts 1:8
  2. Hebrews 10:25
  3. Ephesians 4:12
  4. Philippians 2:3-4


Commentary: Christians must be doers of the Word. Christians must live for Christ.


  • Pray


  1. Colossians 4:2
  2. Romans 12:12
  3. Philippians 4:6


Commentary: Commitment to God requires communication with the Almighty. If we are faithful we can go to the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit asking for strength to go through the trials and tribulations of this life. Christians can also thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon them.


  • Under God’s hand of protection


  1. Psalm 5:11
  2. Psalm 91:4
  3. Proverbs 30:5


Commentary: Christians who are committed to God are under his protection. Christ has said to cast our cares upon him because he loves us. (1 Peter 5:7)


  1. Affect others with their commitment


  1. Matthew 5:16
  2. 2 Timothy 2:1-2
  3. 1 Peter 3:15


Commentary: If we are committed to God it will show in our actions. Others are watching how believers act the storms of life blow their way. Your commitment can bring others to Christ.


Quotes for Introspection


The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.


Martina Navratilova


If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?


Joe Namath





June 7, 2017 Bible Study





Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions.


Featured Texts


Genesis 24:34-35


Commentary: The obtaining of wealth is not a sin. The means that are used to obtain that wealth or the misuse of wealth leads to sin. Abraham was given great wealth by God because Abraham had great faith in God.


  1. From God


  1. Deuteronomy 8:18
  2. Leviticus 25:23
  3. Matthew 6:25-33


Commentary: Everything that a Christian has is provide by the Almighty. God takes care of his own. God allows us to use his creation.


  1. Boast Not


  1. Jeremiah 9:23-24
  2. Luke 12:15


Commentary: many people who have wealth have the wrong attitude and boast about what they have obtained. They leave God out of the picture.


  • Cannot serve two maters


  1. Matthew 6:24
  2. 1 Timothy 6:9-10
  3. James 4:1-4


Commentary: A Christian cannot serve two masters. Christians cannot allow money to replace as God as his/her god.


  1. Can Bar entry to eternal life


  1. Mark 10:23-30


Commentary: Money can blind a person to true wealth which is eternal life with Christ.


  1. Never Enough


  1. Ecclesiastes 5:10-12


Commentary: People who value wealth above all else will never have enough wealth to satisfy them.


  1. Rob God


  1. Malachi 3:8-10


Commentary: Christians can rob God in their lack of giving to promote his word and in not using their talents to bring souls to Christ.


  • God’s Investment Strategy


  1. Micah 6:8
  2. 1 Timothy 6:17-19
  3. Matthew 23:23
  4. Proverbs 3:9
  5. Romans 13:7-8
  6. 1 Thessalonians 5:15


Commentary: Seek God first and all else will be added to you. Pay what is due to others.


  • Contentment and care


  1. Philippians 4:12-13
  2. Proverbs 22:7
  3. Proverbs 22:26-27


Commentary: Seek contentment before wealth that way you will be able to use that wealth wisely


  1. Fairness


  1. Proverbs 16:11
  2. James 2:1


Commentary: Christians are to be fair in all their dealings with others. God demands fairness from his children because God is a fair and just judge.


  1. Work


  1. 2 Thessalonians 3:11-12


Commentary: All Christians are expected to work for their daily bread and in service to God. The wealthy Christians are expected to do the Lord’s work. The wealthy are expected to put their wealth to serving the Lord’s people and promoting the Word of God.


Quote for Introspection:


God tries you in certain, certain ways. Some people are rich, and they believe in God. They lose the money, things get hard, they get weak and quit going to church. Quit serving God like they did.


Muhammad Ali






Rewarding Obedience


May 31, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Rewarding Obedience


Reward – A consequence that happens to someone as a result of worthy or unworthy behavior.


Obedience - submissive to the restraint or command of authority


Redeem - to make (something that is bad, unpleasant, etc.) better or more acceptable


Featured Texts


  1. Matthew 16:27
  2. 1 Chronicles 21:19
  3. Psalms 34:22


Commentary: God will reward all based on the actions and works done in life. Obedience to God requires belief in his Son who has been given the power to redeem all from their sins.


  1. Leaning on God


    1. Leviticus 25:1-7
    2. Exodus 23:10-11
    3. Psalms 55:22
    4. 1 Peter 5:7


Commentary: The Sabbath year was a year of rest. The Israelites were not to plow their fields, plant any seed, and prune any grapevines or fruit trees. The land was to rest. The poor and animals were permitted to eat anything that grew naturally. God promised the Israelites if they obeyed him that the harvest of the sixth year would be enough to feed them for the seventh year. Christians should view this scripture as an assurance of God’s promise that those who preserve will have eternal life. Christians are to cast their cares upon Christ.




  • Reward for Obedience


  1. Leviticus 26:1-13
  2. John 14:6
  3. Hebrews 9:14-15


Commentary: God promised his people a reward for their continued obedience to him. God has guaranteed the reward of eternal life to all who believe in Christ and know that Christ is the way to salvation.


  1. Punishment for Disobedience


  1. Leviticus 26:14-26
  2. 2 Peter 2:4-9
  3. Romans 1:27-29


Commentary: Disobedience to God was going to be punished with swift and sure judgment. The first punishments consisted of plagues, poor harvests, animal attacks and hunger.  God will give Christians who turn their backs on God a reprobate mind.


  1. Continued punishment


  1. Leviticus 26:27-39
  2. Matthew 25:46
  3. 2 Thessalonians 1:9


Commentary: If the Israelites continued in their disobedience God would allow their enemies to carry them away into captivity, occupy and lay waste to their land. The remaining people would fear the sound of windblown leaf fearing it is their enemies. Christians and unbelievers who engage in ungodly practice will be subject to the second death.


  1. Confession


  1. Leviticus 26:40-46
  2. Malachi 3:6-7
  3. Romans 10:9-10


Commentary: If the people confess their sins God states that he would remember the covenant that he forged with their ancestors and return them to their former state, but continued disobedience would cause his face to turn from them. Christians who return to the elements of the work are in an unsaved state and God’s face is turned from them.


  • Dedicated people


  1. Leviticus 27:1-8
  2. John 7:1-13


Commentary: People could dedicate themselves or a member of the family to God’s service.  (See Samuel 1:20-25, Judges 13: 1-5, 24). Since only the Levites were acceptable for most kinds of service others would give a monetary equivalent to fulfill the special vow.

Those who profess Christ have dedicated themselves to the faith. Christians are members of the royal priesthood.


  • Redeemed


  1. Nehemiah 1:10
  2. 1 Peter 1:18-19
  3. 1 Peter 2:9


Commentary: The blood of Christ allows the unbeliever to be redeemed from a sinful nature and Christians to return to grace. Redemption allows the Christian to walk in the light.


Quote for Introspection:


Hell is the highest reward that the devil can offer you for being a servant of his.


Billy Sunday




Biblical Symbols


May 24, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Biblical Symbols


Symbol-Something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material object used to represent something unseen.


Featured Text:


John 10:7-9


Commentary: Jesus likens himself to a door. A door must be opened for someone to walk in. The unbeliever must accept Christ to have access to the Father and eternal life.



  1. Lion-Strength and Devour


  1. 1 Peter 5:8
  2. Revelation 5:5


Commentary: The lion is used in two ways. One instance shows how the devil goes after souls and the other instance shows the lion representing the strength to overcome.



  • Rainbow-Covenant


  1. Genesis 9:12-17


Commentary: God used the rainbow as a symbol between of his promise to Noah that the earth would not be destroyed by water again.


  1. Anchor, rod and staff-Security and comfort


  1. Psalm 23:4
  2. Hebrews 6:18-19


Commentary: The anchor is the hope that God has given as a gift to his children. The rod is for correction and direction. The staff represents support and defense.


  1. Armor-Spiritual weapons


  1. Ephesians 6:11-13


Commentary: The armor and weapons symbolizes the tools that the Christian has to fight off the wiles of the devil and bring souls to Christ.



  1. Axe, gates, seat and balances-Judgment


  1. Daniel 5:24-29
  2. Matthew 3;10
  3. Matthew 7:13-14
  4. 2 Corinthians 5:10


Commentary: The axe represents what can happen to the Christian that does not bear fruit. The Christian will be in danger of the second death. The Christian may be found wanting on the balances that measure his or her works. If the Christian is found wanting he or she will be walking the path that leads to the wide gate of destruction. The Christian’s works will be weighed on the balances before the judgement seat.


  • Barns-Providing for the future


  1. Proverbs 3:9-10
  2. Luke 12:18


Commentary: The barn is a symbol of providing for the future. People built barns to store good s for later.






  • Mote-Small fault; Beam-Big fault


  1. Matthew 7:1-5


Commentary: The mote represents a small fault we see in a brother and sister, but at times we ignore the major faults (beams) that we have. Christ is saying first check yourself before you try to check others.


  1. Dogs and Swine-Rejecters of the truth


  1. Matthew 7:6


Commentary: The word of righteousness (pearls) are lost on rejecters of the truth.



  1. Basket-Provisions


  1. Matthew 14:15-20


Commentary: God provides for his children. The baskets represent the overabundance of his provision.



  1. Furnace-Trial and Condemnation


  1. Isaiah 48:10
  2. Matthew 13:41-42


Commentary: Just like the Hebrew children Christians will face their fiery furnace. The trial will either makes us stronger because of our faith inn leaning on God or expose the weakness of our faith.

The furnace also represents the condemnation Christians will suffer if they forsake Christ.




  • Lamp and Silver-Word of God


  1. Psalm 12:6
  2. Psalm 119:105
  3. Proverbs 6:23


Commentary: The lamp is the light that illuminates the Christian path. The Word of God is like pure silver precious to the doer of his will.



  • Sackcloth and ashes-Mourning and Repentance


  1. Esther 4:1
  2. Jonah 3:5,6


Commentary: Putting on sackcloth and sitting in ashes show that the person is in mourning for love ones lost or for repentance to forestall an impending doom.



  • Well and Fountain-Salvation


  1. John 4:14
  2. Revelations 21:6


Commentary: The waters of life eternal flow from the words of Christ. Salvation is found in the water that allows the Christian to never thirst again.


Quote for Introspection:


We often say how impressive power is. But I do not find it impressive at all. The guns and the bombs, the rockets and the warships, are all symbols of human failure. They are necessary symbols that protect what we cherish.


Lyndon B. Johnson




Spiritual Blindness


May 17, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Spiritual Blindness


Spiritual Blindness-unwilling or unable to see the light of God


  1. Featured Texts


  1. Acts 26:14-18


Commentary: Saul was blind to the Word. Saul thought he was doing good by persecuting those who believed in Christ. Paul was zealous in his duty, but blind to the truth until it was revealed to him.


  1. Explained


  1. 2 Corinthians 4:3,4


Commentary: Satan controls the minds of the lost to the point he shields and hides them from the Light of the gospel.


  • Caused by sin


  1. Matthew 6:22-23


Commentary: The eye was seen as the windows that allowed light to enter the body. Jesus is speaking metaphorically. If our eye is on the prize we will not waver in seeing the light. If the eye is diseased all it can see is the darkness.


  1. John 3:19,20


Commentary: Evildoers love the darkness because the light exposes their evil deeds to themselves and others. Light chases away the darkness.


  1. Caused by unbelief


  1. John 1:1-5
  2. Romans 11:7-8
  • Ephesians 4:17-19


Commentary: Unbelief causes spiritual blindness. Those who are not open to see the truth walk in blindness and the dark. Those who turn their backs on the truth are blind again.


  1. Proof of


  1. 1 John 2:9-11


Commentary: A Christian cannot say they walk in the light if they hate their brother or sister in Christ. How can a Christian say he or she loves God who he or she has not seen and hate brother and sister who he or she has seen?


  1. Leads to evil


  1. Ephesians 4:17-19


Commentary: The hardness of our hearts against God’s will lead us to sin. If we oppose God’s will the light cannot abide in us.



  • Wicked guilty of


  1. Matthew 15:14


Commentary: The Pharisees were learned men of the law, but did not see that the prophecy was being fulfilled. They lead others astray with their blindness. Even today we have men who are blind to Christ and lead others away from the Light.


  1. Revelations 2:17


Commentary: Only those who are in the Light will receive the approval of God symbolized by the white stone with the new name. Manna symbolizes Christ who is sufficient for all a believer’s needs.


  • Inflicted by God


  1. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12


Commentary: Because of their rejection of the truth, God will use sin to punish the sinful. God allowed sin to run its course as an act of judgment. (See also Romans 1:24-28)


  1. Removal


  1. Luke 4:18-19
  2. John 8:12
  • John 9:39


Commentary: If you walk in the footsteps of Christ and follow the like precious faith of the apostles the Christian will avoid the darkness.


  1. Acts 26:18


Commentary: Paul explains to King Agrippa why Christ appeared to him on the road to Damascus and what his mission was.


  1. Saints delivered from


  1. Colossians 1:12,13


Commentary: The Christian because of his/her belief are now heirs to the promise and are delivered from the power of darkness.


  1. Ephesians 5:8


Commentary: In former times we walked in the darkness. Christians are to walk in the Light as children of the Light.


Quote of Introspection:


The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.










Scriptural First Aid


Wednesday May 10, 2017



  1. Scriptural First Aid



First Aid-


  1. Featured Texts


  1. 2 Chronicles 16:12
  2. 2 Kings 20:1-6
  • Luke 5:31-32


Commentary: God is the great physician. Those who seek God can receive both spiritual and physical first aid.


  1. Spiritual aridity


  1. Deuteronomy 4:9
  2. Revelation 3:2


Commentary: The dry and difficult times test our faith. Christians are to turn to God in pray. Christians are to lean on the everlasting arm.


  • Upset


  1. Isaiah 41:10
  2. 2 Timothy 1:7


Commentary: Many actions in life will dismay the Christian, but God reminds us that he will strengthen and support us. God may not move the mountain, but God will give us the strength to climb and overcome.


  1. Courage


  1. Psalms 31:23-24
  2. Philippians 4:13


Commentary: If Christians have faith in God, he will give them the courage to confront any adversity.


  1. Patience


  1. Romans 8:25
  2. Hebrews 10:35-37


Commentary: Christians must be patient. The reward God promised will be ours if we keep the faith.


  1. Peace


  1. John 14:27
  2. Romans 8:6


Commentary: Faith in Christ brings the Christian peace. The peace of knowing that there is a mansion, robe and crown waiting for those who persevere to the end.


  • Fear


  1. Psalm 56:11
  2. Psalm 91:1


Commentary: If God is with us we need not be afraid. Abraham Lincoln stated “I am not worried if God is on our side. I am worried that I am on go’s side, because God is always right.”


  • Doubt


  1. Luke 12:29-31
  2. 2 Peter 3:9


Commentary: Doubt is the killer of faith. Christians must pray for their unbelief. Replace the doubt with a resolve of steel.


  1. Grief


  1. Isaiah 49:13
  2. 1 Peter 5:7


Commentary: God confronts his people in their time of grief. Christians must take their heavy hearts to God and cast their cares upon Christ.


  1. Confidence


  1. 1 John 5:14,15


Commentary: Christians can confidently go to God in pray and know that our heavenly father hears us.


  1. Troubles


  1. Nahum 1:7
  2. 2 Corinthians 4:8,9


Commentary: Job said “Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble.” (Job 14:1). Christ knows the troubles that can befall his people and he helps us to find the way to overcome those troubles.


  • Martial Problems


  1. Ephesians 5:21-25


Commentary: Problems arise in even the best of marriages. If each partner respects and loves the other all problems can be overcome.


  • Forsaken


  1. Psalm 27:9,10


Commentary: Even if the Christian is forsaken by all others God will never forsake the Christian. If the Christian is feeling forsaken, it is because the Christian forsook God.


Quote of Introspection:


There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.


Charles Dickens






April 26, 2017 Bible Study



  1. Truth


Truth-  Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be.


Featured Texts


  1. John 1:1
  2. John 1:17
  3. John 14:6


Commentary: Christ is truth. Christ is the Word and the Word of God is truth. Christians are to obey the truth and walk in the light.


  1. Characteristics


  1. Sanctifying
    1. John 17:17-19


  1. Purifying
    1. 1 Peter 1:22


  1. Dwells
    1. 2 John 1:2


  1. Revealed
    1. Jeremiah 33:6


Commentary: Truth has several characteristics that benefit the believer. Truth is sanctifying and purifying. Truth dwells in the Christian by virtue of the Holy Spirit. The truth has been revealed to those who have an ear to listen and a heart to believe.


  • Saints must


  1. Worship
    1. Psalm 145:18
    2. John 4:24


  1. Serve
    1. Joshua 24:14
    2. 1 Samuel 12:24


  1. Walk
    1. 1 Kings 2:4
    2. 2 Kings 20:3


  1. Rejoice
    1. 1 Corinthians 13:6


  1. Speak and judge
    1. Proverbs 12:17
    2. Proverbs 12:22
  • Zechariah 8:16
  1. Ephesians 4:25


  1. Meditate
    1. Philippians 4:8


  1. Bind and write
    1. Proverbs 3:3-5


  1. Approve
    1. 2 Timothy 2:15


  1. Equip
    1. Ephesians 6:14


  1. Manifest
    1. 2 Corinthians 4:2


Commentary: Christians must worship in spirit and in truth. God is close to those who call upon him in truth. Christians are to equip with the truth which is the Word of God. Christians are to manifest that truth to each other and the world. Christians are to meditate and rejoice in the truth.


  1. Evil


  1. Destitute
    1. Hosea 4:1
    2. 1 Timothy 6:5


  1. Speak not
    1. Jeremiah 9:3-5


  1. Plead not
    1. Isaiah 59:4


  1. Resist
    1. 2 Thessalonians 2: 10-12
    2. 2 Timothy 3:8


  1. Turn away
    1. Romans 2:8
    2. 2 Timothy 4:4


Commentary: Evil cannot abide the truth. Evil turns away from the truth and the light. Those who do evil are destitute of the truth.


  1. Church


  1. 1 Timothy 3:15


Commentary: Christians are to conduct themselves in decency and order when they come together in the sight of God. Remember when two or three are gather together in his name he is with us. The truth stands among us as we worship with each other.


Quotes for Introspection:


Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.


Albert Einstein


Always tell the truth. That way, you don't have to remember what you said.


Mark Twain





April 19, 2017 Bible Study





Vengeance- infliction of injury, harm, humiliation, or the like, on a person by another who has been harmed by that person; violent revenge:


  1. Featured Texts


Leviticus 24:10-22


Commentary: These verses are often misused to indicate that vengeance is justifiable. God was instructing Moses about an application of his law. God was the one passing judgement through his vessel Moses. God was the one taking vengeance not man. God was taking about judgement not retaliation.


  1. Forbidden


  1. Leviticus 19:18
  2. Psalm 94:1
  3. Romans 12:17-19


Commentary: God clearly states vengeance belongs to the Almighty. Man, is not to seek vengeance but to apply the law God has set forth to deal with situations.


  1. Not the will of Christ


  1. Luke 9:54,55


Commentary: James and John, the sons of Thunder were ready to call fire down upon the town as punishment for the way Christ and the disciples were being treated. Christ rebukes them saying why would he destroy the people he has come to save.


  • Man’s vengeance from a spiteful heart


  1. Ezekiel 25:14-15


Commentary: Old hatred can cause one to seek vengeance long after the original deed is ancient history. Hatred can make us hang on to grudges that are best left in the past. Christians must remember to wait on God. God will provide the needed correction.


  1. God’s choice


  1. Ezekiel 25:16,17


Commentary: The verses clearly show that vengeance belongs to God and God will execute that vengeance as God sees fit.


  1. Jonah 3:8-10, 4:1,2


Commentary: Jonah was angry with God because God stayed his hand. Jonah knew God would be merciful if there was a change of heart by the city.  God forsook his vengeance against the city.


  1. Man’s vengeance


  1. Simeon & Levi
    1. Genesis 34:1—7, 13, 25-31


Commentary: The sons of Jacob devised a plan to get vengeance for their sister not taking into consideration the consequences it would hold for Jacob.


  1. Absalom
    1. 2 Samuel 13:23-29


Commentary: Absalom wanted revenge for the defilement of his sister Tamar by their half-brother Amnon. Absalom waited two years to hatch his vengeance plot. Absalom was not concerned with the consequences of his actions.


  1. Samson
    1. Judges 16:25-30


Commentary: Samson’s final wish was for vengeance. Samson wanted to avenge the lost of his eyes. Samson did not see salvation. His simply wanted to bring retribution to his enemies.




  1. Instructions to the Saints


  1. Matthew 5:38-44
  2. 1 Peter 3:9
  3. 1 Thessalonians 5:15


Commentary: Christians are not to seek vengeance. Christians are love and forgive their enemies. Christians are to meet evil with good.


Quote for Introspection:


“He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself”


Chinese Proverb






April 12, 2017 Bible Study





Unity-The state of being in accord; harmony. Continuity without deviation or change in purpose or action


  1. Featured Texts


Psalm 133:1-3


Commentary: This Psalm declares how precious family unity is. The blessedness is exclaimed in verse 1. Family unity both sanctifies (the precious ointment on the head verse 2) and solidifies (the dew brings forth life to feed and strengthen the family). The church is Christ’s family.


  1. Causes of division


  1. Galatians 5:19- 22


Commentary: Works of the flesh (Sin) are the primary cause of disunity in the body.


  1. Jude 7 -8


Commentary: Immorality and false teaching are described as causers of division in the body.


  1. A mark


  1. John 13:34-35


Commentary: Love is the distinguishing mark of Christ’s followers. It is the special bond that unifies the church family.


  • Called


  1. 1 Corinthians 1:10-13


Commentary: Paul steadfastly declares there should be no division in the church. All Christians are to speak the same thing. We are all baptized into Christ and no one else. Christ is not divided neither should the church be divided.


  1. 2 Corinthians 13:11-12


Commentary:  Paul once again calls on Christians to be of one mind. He reminds them to be perfect, to live in peace and God will be with them. Christians are to love one another and greet each other in love with a holy kiss.


  1. 1 Peter 3:8-9


Commentary: Peter echoes Paul’s teachings showing that the apostles were of one mind in their teaching of Jesus Christ.


  1. Having salt and at peace


  1. Mark 9:50


Commentary: Salt in yourselves is the quality that marks a person devoted to God. Being at peace means to not have dispute among the church family. This verse bridges back to verse 33 where the disciples were disputing amongst themselves who should be the greatest.



  1. As one


  1. John 17:21-23


Commentary: The Father and Son are one. Christ prays to the Father that his disciples be one. Christ is referring to spiritual unity. As he and the Father are one the church is to be one.


  1. Ephesians 4:11-13


Commentary: Every Christian has a talent that can be used for the edifying of the body of Christ (the church).


  1. Serving


  1. Zephaniah 3:9


Commentary: Christians are to serve God as one.


  1. Philippians 1:27-30


Commentary: Christians are to conduct themselves in a way that is worthy of the gospel. Christians are to unite together having one mind and one spirit. The assembly must put away petty grievances, jealousies and disunity. Christians are to strive together for the faith.


  • Knitted Together


  1. Romans 12:10


Commentary: Christians are to love one another and prefer being in the company of other Christians.


  1. Colossians 2:2


Commentary: Christians are to be knitted together in love.


  1. Ephesians 4:2-6


Commentary: These verses emphasizes Godly and Christian oneness.




  • In Christ


  1. Galatians 3:28


Commentary:  Brings home the point that race, color, social status and culture do not matter because we are all one in Christ.


  1. Ephesians 2:14


Commentary: Christ removed the Mosaic Law that separated Jew and Gentile. Christ has made both of them one. All are one in Christ. Christ abolished the enmity between the two groups and made us all heirs to the promise.


  1. Instructions to the Saints


  1. Philippians 4:1-9


Commentary: Instructions on good Christian living and maintaining the oneness in the faith.


Quote for Introspection:


Where there is unity there is always victory.


Publilius Syrus

Study to show thyself approved unto God
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.

II Timothy 2:15